The Lost Weld is a fantasy-themed action-adventure game for all ages set on the Isle of Mist.

Princess Piper lives on the Isle of Mist where she and the other Mistians enjoy a happy way of life powered by the Weld, a magical resource first discovered hundreds of years ago. When the Weld mysteriously vanishes, Piper’s mother, Queen Astra, sets out to find a solution, but is soon captured by the stone-like Rookians in the mountains.

Piper, with the help of a new friend, begins an adventure to save her mother, but soon learns that the fate of the entire island depends on her traveling into strange lands deep below the Isle. To succeed, Piper must not only find out what happened to the Weld, but also must channel magical powers within herself.

But… Piper has never shown any potential for weaving spells before. Will she be able to develop the magical powers she needs in time to save the Mistians?

Created and developed by an all-female team and featuring some of the world’s top voice-acting talents, The Lost Weld will be available in the first half of 2022. For more information,  follow us on Instagram or contact us.